FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

When you click the SampleRaid button, your information gets submitted to the shipping company for your free sample order.
At the SampleRaid site you don't have to fill out long forms, it's just one click and you automatically submit your information to receive the selected free sample.
When you registered to SampleRaid you also enter your address information. That address will be where your free sample will be shipped. You can edit and modify your account information at any time.
Yes, SampleRaid does not charge anything. Also the shipping is completely free.
At SampleRaid we do not send the samples, we only submit the orders to the promoting companies. So the shipping time depends on how the company sending the samples chooses to deliver it. Usually each company details on its website how long it takes for the sample to be shipped.
No, SampleRaid does not send the free samples, therefore SampleRaid cannot provide a shipping tracking number. It depends on the shipping companies to do so.
Please verify all your account information to make sure it is accurate. Also, please give adequate amount of time for the free sample companies to process your order.